Speyside Collection

I grew up alongside the river Spey in Moray. Over the years I have spent many enjoyable days walking the stretch of the riverside between Ballindalloch and Spey Bay. This collection represents the way in which the sparkling water of the river cuts through the scenery of the Spey valley.

Deeside Collection

All our married lives have been spent a stones through from the River Dee, and we've enjoyed many a walk along it's banks. We've tried to capture the flowing water in the engraved and raised lines, wth the blue diamonds representing the reflected colour of the sky on a sunny day. Duncan and Jacqui

Shetlandic Collection

I grew up in Shetland and remember hearing the poem on the local radio read by the author. It describes my emotional tie with my homeland and captures the island dialect. Shetlandic by Rhoda Bulter (from Link-stanes The Shetland Times Ltd 1980). Jacqui

This range is inspired by the written word of Robert Burns. It reflects the richness of emotions Burns felt about his homeland of Scotland and is delivered in our distinctive style.
Duncan and Jacqui

Catterline Collection

Catterline beach is situated just outside Stonehaven in the North East of Scotland. The beach has an expanse of the most amazing round pebbles. We have spent many happy hours there with picnics, walking on the beach and watching the tide. Catterline beach provided the inspiration for this collection with its unique pebble-shaped links.
Duncan and Jacqui

Coastline Collection

This range was inspired by a moonlit walk along the beach front at Lossiemouth. The moonlight was dancing on the tops of the waves like silver horses across the golden sands. We had never seen anything like it before or since.
Duncan and Jacqui

Eshaness Collection

This range evokes memories of the Eshaness cliffs in Shetland. I spent a summer learning to rock climb and one trip involved abseiling down and climbing back up the Eshaness cliffs. These designs remind me of standing at the bottom of the cliff contemplating the rugged surface and seemingly never-ending height of the rock face that I was about to tackle.

My early childhood was spent in the Highlands. I still enjoy it’s scenery and hold a great affinity with area around Dalwhinnie. This collection is my interpretation of the mountain ranges and landscape of that area.

Loch an Eion Collection

Loch an Eion is in the Torridon area of the Scottish Highlands. At the end of a week’s walking with friends I stopped here to do some training for the Highland Cross Duathalon. It was a beautiful clear day and I ran a circuit with the most fantastic views around me. This range was designed with that day in mind.


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