Jewellery Design Service

Design, Model, Refining and Completion for Custom Jewellery

At Lava Jewellery Design we will design to your requirements and budget, helping to visualise your ideas, or making our own suggestions to suit your personal style. Once you have chosen a final design, we will carve an exact 3D model for you to try.

Filing, polishing, stone setting and hallmarking are some of the processes involved in finishing your jewellery. Your dream design is realised and ready for your special day. Whether you require rings, a kilt pin for the best man, or a bridesmaid’s gift, Lava Jewellery Design put over 20 years experience into designing and making each individually tailored piece of jewellery.

Jewellery DesignRemodelling JewelleryJewellery Design
Remodelling JewelleryJewellery DesignRemodelling Jewellery
Jewellery DesignRemodelling JewelleryJewellery Design
Remodelling JewelleryRemodelling Jewellery
Jewellery DesignRemodelling Jewellery